Launching a Purpose Driven Brand... It’s Personal

Today marks a milestone at my company. We came together under one life science brand.

Say hello to Generate Life Sciences.

Since the August 2018 announcement from GI Partners bringing together California Cryobank and CBR, we have been on a fast paced integration of our people, processes and technologies. Overnight our company doubled in size and quadrupled in revenue, operating in six facilities around the US.

The combination of those companies created Generate, a first-of-its-kind organization focused on helping grow and protect healthy families through reproductive, newborn stem cell, genetic screening, medical device and healthcare technology services.

We serve families from preconception to post-birth throughout the significant and highly personalized journey of building a family and protecting their children’s health. Built upon the pillars of innovation, access, and connection, Generate has already helped grow and protect nearly 1 million families around the world.

Our legacy brands – CBR™ (Cord Blood Registry), California Cryobank Donor Sperm Bank™ and Donor Egg Bank USA™ – are pioneering leaders in their respective fields and continue to set industry standards for innovation, scientific excellence, and customer focus. Generate is furthering the impact of this life sciences platform with the addition of advanced pediatric genetic testing, US distribution of reproductive medical devices and proprietary healthcare technology through the respective brands – ReadyGen™, (pediatric genetic screening powered by Sema4™), Kitazato USA™ (medical device distribution) and Donor Application™ (proprietary reproductive software).
And it’s personal.

At the end of 2019 I made a 5 day, 5 city/state, 5 offices, 489 employees internal launch tour presenting Generate and what it means for each of our services and our employees.

I’m now excited to share Generate Life Sciences with you.

As I’ve spent the last year testing names, creative and messaging for this brand, it was clear we had more. Our purpose driven company is based on very personal connections to the services we provide.

With 75% of our time being spent at work, what gets us up in the morning, day after day? Purpose. A connection to the clients we serve. And often, a very real personal connection to the services we provide.

My connection starts with my husband. A lieutenant in the fire department, he certainly has me beat on purpose at work! He is also a two-time testicular cancer survivor. Why is that important? It rendered him infertile.

Once we digested the news after six months of trying to conceive, we quickly turned to what our options were to fulfill our dream of having a family. It was pretty straight forward: no children, adopt or use a sperm donor.

We didn’t hesitate and we set out on the path of choosing a sperm donor.

Six vials and two children later, we are now raising two beautiful daughters, Mara (14) and Sidney (12).

The other very personal part of my journey was the decision to store newborn stem cells. We did not. And it’s a decision I’ve regretted ever since my first interview with the CEO at CBR six years ago.

I have a very real passion for maniacally centering sales and marketing teams on customer experience. Driving a personal connection. Ensuring that everything you say or put out in the market is personal. Solve a customer’s problem. Relentlessly ask questions to get to the right solution. Asking my teams, “Are you proud of this?” If not, don’t do it. Escalate up the chain.

My drive for ensuring quality sales and marketing education in the fertility and stem cell space comes from the misinformation I experienced.

No one told me this was my only chance to store a biomaterial for my girls that would be a 100% genetic match. As donor conceived children, after the opportunity for newborn stem cell collection at birth, their only option now is each other or to find their donor.

Just as I have my personal motivations, there are over 480 employees at Generate that have their own stories of connection to fertility or stem cells - personal, with someone they know or with the clients we serve.

Coming together as a new Life Science brand led to these personal conversations.

We spoke to people throughout the company.

We spoke to healthcare providers.

We spoke to our clients.

This led to four key insights:

1. We are mission driven.

2. Our unmatched experience drives scientific excellence.
“When it comes to my family’s health, my expectations have to be high. No second chance.” - Generate Client

3. Trust extends our client lifecycle.
“I’m not looking to trust just anyone with my baby. I want the best. This is not where we are cutting corners.” - Generate expectant mother

4. We are moving the world forward through science.

And this isn’t marketing jargon.

Generate Life Sciences is a company of established, trustworthy brands founded and grown over the last 40 years by experts in reproductive medicine, newborn stem cell services, and genetics. We were founded by pioneers in the donor sperm, newborn stem cell and donor egg industries. Always leading regulations and quality standards.

These insights led to our brand development.
Brand = Product + Idea

Think of an iconic brand such as Coca-Cola. Fundamentally they are selling sugar water (the product). What we buy is happiness (the idea). All you have to do is watch the holiday Polar Bear commercials and you’ll get a smile on your face, a warm feeling in your heart and the spirit of the holiday in your head.


Generate Life Sciences has an equally powerful brand.

Through all of our research and qual and quant work, our core insight:

Between Life and Science is Opportunity.

It’s what we do.

Help to create and protect healthy families. Drive innovation in science. All to find the opportunities in between for our clients.

What’s in a name? A lot!

There is also real meaning in our logo mark. It connects our services and our client lifecycle.

A HUGE shout out #HT to @Collier.Simon, my incredible agency partner. Couldn’t have done it without you.

What do you think? Look forward to hearing from you!

Check out our launch press release here.