Doing it! Defining customer experience, my way.

November 7th, 2014… Seth’s blog and a conversation with Bill Carmody. I write better than I speak. Words pour out on pages in 5 minutes or less when I’m inspired. The universe was telling me that the only thing holding me back was… me. The difference between me and Seth or me and Bill? They were writing and sharing. I wasn’t.

Almost 6 months later, here I am flying the friendly skies writing my first blog post. A list of ideas in my notebook. All around the customer experience. That innate ability to know what your customers want. Connect with them on a human level. And deliver an experience that surprises and delights.

How do I define customers? Customers are anyone you interact with where you deliver an experience, professionally and personally. In marketing, customers are not only the people that buy our product, but as important, our sales teams. After all, what marketing creates has to help the sales team connect better with customers.